Filmmaker Searches for Disadvantaged Talent — Zimbabwe Today

Film producer Nevil Sandama will be holding auditions tomorrow at Theatre in the Park for aspiring actors who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The auditions are set to scout for actors who will feature on an upcoming television reality show called “Unleash the Talent Africa”. “The purpose of the auditions is to look for unknown talented… via … Continue reading Filmmaker Searches for Disadvantaged Talent — Zimbabwe Today

Un-answered Questions?

What breeds anger in any human being? What makes one so stern to an extent that he/she fails to take into consideration the feelings of the other person? Who shapes the dominance of one who is in power? Why does the poor consider succumbing to the influence of the wealthy? Why does the poor pursue … Continue reading Un-answered Questions?

Tongogara- Real Talk

The name rings a bell, especially to fellow Zimbabweans. It is linked with the heroes of Zimbabwe, who helped the country attain its independence. Josiah Tongogara is a liberation war hero, but in this context one will not be looking at Tongogara the liberation fighter but at Tongogara, the song. Funny enough, the song stands … Continue reading Tongogara- Real Talk